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Jasper Animal Hospital’s goal is to work with both patients and guardians to arrive at the best solutions to their health issues in order to maximize the quality of life for all. We strive to accomplish this by providing the best of care in a friendly, less clinical atmosphere. Each member of Jasper’s medical team and support staff makes every effort to have our patients’ visits be as easy and painless as possible.


Jasper Animal Hospital supports their philosophy while serving the surrounding community by participating in local vaccination clinics as well as being designated by the Lafayette Police Department as a clinic available for emergency services to un-identified injured animals. Jasper also provides low cost veterinary services to several rescue organizations including Colorado Greyhound Adoption, Friends of Retired Greyhounds, Golden State Greyhound Adoption, Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Mile High Lab Rescue, Recycled Critter Rescue, Recycled Racers, Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue, Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, Rocky Mountain Border Collie Rescue and Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation.


Donald D. Dodge, DVM

Dr. Dodge is a Colorado native who grew up and lived in Denver through high school. His interest in animals started at an early age. There were always family pets and a lot of time was spent outdoors with binoculars in hand, camping and fishing. He decided he wanted to become a vet at the age of 11. Dr. Dodge received his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College in Maine and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. The first 10 years after graduation were spent as an equine vet in Sydney, Australia, San Francisco and finally the Boulder County area where he has lived for the past 22 years. He has been a companion animal veterinarian for the past 15 years and opened his own practice, the Jasper Animal Hospital, in October of 2001. Though it was animals that started him on his path to veterinary medicine it has been and continues to be both animals and their “people” that keeps the work fun and interesting. Quite simply, he loves his work, his goal being to help make the lives of animals and the people they live with as rewarding as possible. Outside the clinic Dr. Dodge enjoys spending time with his family (wife Deborah, 4 children ages 19 to 30, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 birds), fishing, cycling, gardening, woodworking and numerous desperate artistic adventures.


Kelli Space, DVM

Dr. Kelli Space grew up in Estes Park, Colorado, but spent many summers on her grandfather’s cattle ranch in Missouri. It was there that she first realized she would like to become a veterinarian at the age of seven. She realized her dream graduating from CSU veterinary school in 2001. Since then, she has enjoyed practicing small animal medicine and surgery. Her professional areas of interest include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and an emerging interest in small mammal medicine. She joined Jasper Animal Hospital in May of 2007. In her free-time she enjoys cycling, hiking and cross country skiing. She is also kept busy chasing after her two children, husband, cat, and two dachshunds.


Leah P. Hanley, DVM

Dr. Hanley grew up in Wilmington, NC. She received her bachelor's degree in Biology from Appalachian State University in 1991. Dr. Hanley then attended North Carolina State University where she received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in May 1996. While attending NCSU-CVM, she participated in research and completed an externship in avian medicine and surgery in Franklin Square, NY. Dr. Hanley worked in North Carolina for two years before moving with her future husband Dan to Colorado for new adventures. In 1998 Dr. Hanley began working with Dr. Dodge and in 2001 joined him at the Jasper Animal Hospital as a relief veterinarian. She and Dan have two boys, Jared and Ethan. When not working, she volunteers as the Science Garden coordinator for her boys' elementary school, enjoys swimming and cycling competitively, skiing, snowshoeing, and camping with her family.


Ann Vestal, DVM

Dr. Ann Vestal grew up in Oklahoma and Illinois, but also spent a lot of time in upstate New York with her grandparents.  “Born to be a veterinarian” would be an excellent description of her lifelong dream.  Growing up surrounded by animals and a divine appreciation for them, she has never had a “Plan B.”  Along with always wanting to be a part of this most respected profession, Dr. Vestal has also longed to live in Colorado.  She spent her first five years in practice in Missoula, Montana, where she developed an unending love for the mountains.  Following one year in Chicago to be closer to family, she is over-joyed to finally make Colorado home.  In her free time, she loves the outdoors, gardening, yoga, and being with her family and beloved dogs, Bella, her Golden Retriever mix and Sushi, her delightful little Pug.


Dave Quint, DVM

Dr. Dave Quint is a Colorado native who grew up in Boulder County. He has always had a connection to animals and a fascination with medicine and problem solving. Becoming a veterinarian was the perfect fit for all these interests. He obtained his bachelor degree from University of Colorado Boulder before completing his veterinary degree at Colorado State University. While at Colorado State he pursued a certificate in medical veterinary acupuncture. Acupuncture is an exciting technique for managing chronic pain and many other conditions. He worked as a small animal veterinarian in Arvada before joining Jasper Animal Hospital in 2013. He believes that being a good veterinarian means lifelong learning, good communication, and teamwork. He believes strongly in preventive care. When not working he enjoys camping, skiing, the Colorado outdoors, and exploring world cuisines.




Deborah Dodge, Practice Manager





Brandi Jackson, CVT

Roxy Kramarchuck, LVT


Sarah Steveson, CVT

Tianna Crane, CVT


Liz Dunham, CVT

Valerie Angell, Veterinary Assistant


Beth Whitlock, Veterinary Assistant




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